How It Works

How FORMation Works

FORMation is your enterprise-class mobile field data solution available across all the major mobile platforms such as Windows and iOS. It is flexible enough to fit into a diverse set of industries. FORMation is your mobile forms solution that replaces tedious, time consuming manual entry of forms, with real time live data, which is available for immediate processing and review.

We are business analysts, software developers, testers and application support analysts. Our leadership team has more than 40 years combined experience in the technology field including software development, technology migration, software integration and IT services. We have helped customers transform their mobile workforces through enabling them to capture, analyze, report, and share information when and where they need to. We automate critical business processes through an innovative and robust mobile platform that replaces all your paper forms with an easy to use, intuitive mobile application.

  • Real-time data capture and reporting
  • Dispatch and Workflow analysis and implementation
  • World-class security and compliance management tools
  • Security and Role based Permissions
  • Hosting – Cloud or On-Premise
  • Enterprise Application Integration

We understand the challenges you face and we’ve built our entire business around helping you meet them head on. Give us a call to find out what FORMation can do for your organization and your bottom line.

Save time, money, and resources with this solution, and learn how you can transform your business with FORMation Mobile Forms Solution.

FORMation is your enterprise-class mobile field data solution which integrates across all major mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows.


With FORMation's set of form creation and importing tools, possibilities are endless.


Import Any Existing Forms

Even if you already have detailed paper forms, you can easily convert these into digital format. No more missing paper, hard to read hand writing or delays to get reports into the head office. Create fully customizable forms from your existing paper based forms without any programming expertise.


Build Advanced Custom Forms

Build your own forms with our easy to use web based FORM Builder tool. You can create an unlimited number of forms as required to support your business processes. From field data collection, to surveys, inspection reports, sales estimates and more, you can quickly and dynamically move your company from paper to digital workflows.

The Form Solution For Your Business Needs



In The Office Or In The Field

Regardless of where your workers are, move beyond basic mobile submissions and create a truly efficient business wide workflow to increase productivity and efficiencies. FORMation is a powerful software platform that will enable your organization to realize the power of mobile form submission. You can develop business processes that allow for 2-way information flow, customized reports and complex workflows, business rules and logic to full integration with your corporate back end.


No Network Connection, No Problem

FORMation was designed with the remote worker in mind. We sometimes take for granted that the Internet will be available when you are. But there are times that your field workers won’t have a network connection. Your workers can still capture, manage and maintain their productivity and easily sync up their data once they have an Internet connection.


FORMation gives you the power to utilize your data to its full potential.


Powerful Reporting Tools

Any information collected remotely via a mobile device is stored in a secure database on our servers. With FORMation, you get real-time data collecting and real-time reporting through our web based client portal. From simple reports to complex charts and graphs, you can choose how to share your data amongst your team. Whether creating a report from within FORMation, exporting to Excel or through integrating your mobile data to corporate software systems, you decide who gets the reports either on demand or on an automated schedule.


Data Integrity And Quality

Improving data quality and having the most up to date and real time data is invaluable with the confidence that the data you receive is accurate and current. Create custom business rules and process validation which will ensure field or remote employees are collecting the right information and following corporate rules.

Create dynamic, customized, mobile business forms that seamlessly integrate into your organization's systems.
The Form Solution For Your Business Needs


FORMation offers best in class security technology to keep your sensitive data safe.


Industry Leading Security

FORMation automatically enables industry leading security with every customer. All data is secure and encrypted through all transactions. Beyond this, there is Role-Based permissions that ensure your team has the information they need to do their job. We can also accommodate direct data delivery to your corporate servers or to FORMation’s servers


Flexible Storage Options

FORMation databases may be hosted on our advanced cloud servers, or on your own servers. You are always in complete control of your data.

See how FORMation can work for your business!

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